[TOKYO 2024 – PART 1] – Birds of Paradise with Gabriel Michaud

Some impressions of a week out of time in Tokyo for @lafollejournee where we played 4 sold out concerts within 2 days together with @gabrieljxachim in some fantastic halls of the @tokyointernationalforum and for such a focused, kind and enthusiastic audience! It was our first time together in Japan and we felt so warmly welcomed by everyone there, thank you so much @renemartinmusic and @kajimotomusic for making such an incredible festival happen!! 🙏🏻

We played music from our upcoming album Oiseaux de Paradis 🌈 for @mirare_records (already available in Japan now!) including pieces by @kevinjuillerat , @andershillborg and arrangements by @philippe_maniez , and we were thrilled to present the disc to the Japanese audience!! Thank you @kinginterjapan for organizing meetings with the audience as well!!

1 – kiosk concert at @tokyointernationalforum 🦅
2 – an actual bird of paradise, fish market, Tsukiji 🦜
3 – concert « les incontournables de René Martin » 🦩
4 – one of the oldest crane fountain in Japan, Hibiya Park 🦆
5 – before our debut in Hall C, @tokyointernationalforum 🐣
6 – a flower bird in Ginza 🦚
7 – signing session 🦉
8 – unusual floating swans, Ueno Park 🦢
9 – Birds of Paradise recital, photo by @t_s_p_1988 🙏🏻
10 – a samuraï and a little bird, imperial palace gardens 🐦‍⬛

[TOKYO 2024 – PART 2] – Peacock Tales by @andershillborg 🦚 with Kosuke Tsunoda and the Yokohama sinfonietta

Here some of the wonderful shots taken by @t_s_p_1988 during the performance at @lafollejournee in @tokyointernationalforum . It was a great honor to present this piece to the Japanese audience and to perform with such talented musicians for my solo debut in Japan !! Also huge thanks to the talented @nagigianninnaigigan who made this beautiful mask 🎭 and to all the people offstage who worked hard to make this possible with just one rehearsal (lights, stage manager, and everybody!!)

Thank you so much for this fantastic opportunity @renemartinmusic and @kajimotomusic !!