I am really excited to introduce you to our new project with SIBJA, the art collective I created together with my brother Emmanuel (visual art, stage performance)!! This time we go for something new with a MOVIE! In these times of uncertainty, one of our performances in november was replaced by a digital festival. So we decided to take advantage of this situation and to create something thought from the beginning for the screen, instead of streaming a live performance. This is more coherent with our artistic vision and this is a good occasion to try! We are working with a dream team, with Neckar Doll at the video, Jan Humberl lights, Leandro Gianini on the sound, Teresa Rotemberg choreography, and a crew of 11 great dancers! We created all the costumes and set ups for this show built around Boulez ‘ work “Le Dialogue de l’Ombre Double”. You can discover more about that project on my new page, where you can also download the portfolio in pdf:

Stay tuned for the release in november!!!